Salesforce Apex Master Class (Ep. 2): How to Set Up a Free Salesforce Developer Org

Welcome to the second episode of my Salesforce Apex Master Class! Today, I’ll show you how to set up your own Salesforce developer org!

How to Set Up a Free Dev Org!

It’s easy to set up your own Salesforce developer org, even if it’s your first time using the Salesforce platform. First, you’ll visit, then fill in your information and dive right in. It’s quick and easy, but take note that with Salesforce, you’re living in “the cloud” (aka sharing space on a server with other businesses), and there are limits imposed on your orgs because of that! Limits are imposed on things like, the amount of data you can store in your org or the number of queries you can do in your org in a single execution context.

In your developer org, those numbers tend to be pretty low compared to what you’d experience when using regular organizations. I’ve found some ways to bypass those limits, such as with “big objects”, but I probably should not suggest them as they certainly aren’t “best practice” and I’m not sure Salesforce would condone them!

One note when signing up for Salesforce: if you’ve ever created a Salesforce org or if you’ve been placed in a Salesforce org before, and you used your email address as a username in those orgs anywhere at all, you can’t reuse that email address (usernames must be unique across ALL instances of Salesforce in existence, not just your own org). Instead, you’ll make up something new, or a least revise your email address when using it as a username. Such as adding a few letters or numbers at the end.

Once all that’s done, you’ll receive an email that will inform you that your Salesforce org has been created for you! It’ll take a few minutes to get that email, though, so be patient. Next up, you’ll verify your new account via that email you just received. You’ll click “Verify my account” and set up your password. Once all that’s done, you’ll be looking at your very own Salesforce org, and you’re ready for work! It’s quick, easy, and doesn’t cost you a dime.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading, and happy coding!

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